9to5 is a month-long digital art exhibition in Atlanta that dissolves the boundary between artist and audience by way of an experimental livestream and other emerging interfaces.

Unlike other art exhibitions, the ideal 9to5 experience is online, where patrons can interact with the projects and performances broadcasted, and influence the final artworks using our custom built suite of inputs.

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9to5 is equal parts: Artist Residency, Gallery, Classroom, & TV Network

Open call


If you have a potential project that utilizes livestreaming and / or digital inputs to blur the line between ‘viewer’ and ‘collaborator’, we want to hear from you. From data visualization to interpretative dance, podcasts to prose, AI to the humanities, all artists and technologists with an interest in experimentation are welcome.

Talent will have access to a ton of new technology courtesy of Georgia State University.

For talent that needs it, travel to Atlanta will be covered by 9to5, along with lodging and food.

All submissions will be considered, but there are limited slots available in each category.

17 JULY 17


Coming soon from 9to5. A suite of tools that will make viewer interaction with the livestream a cinch to program. One of the main focuses of 9to5 projects is a user provided input translating to a project or artist output. With that in mind, our team is attempting to simplify the process for any developer or artist looking to program an output by pre-developing a set of inputs. Chat and social are already implemented thanks to streaming partner Maestro, and now the 9to5 team is focusing on more experimental methods of interaction.

Here’s how they work:
1. The artist determines what output they’d like to see, like the dimming of a lightbulb.
2. Artist selects their input from the suite of tools, such as “click and drag”.
3. Because 9to5 has already developed the input, the artist only needs to plug our “click and drag” tool into their “dimmer” output.


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Maestro.io Use Maestro to create engaging video experiences.
MASS Collective Supporting Musical, Artistic, Scientific, and Social pursuits
MAMMAL Gallery Atlanta’s favorite ever-evolving carte blanche

9to5 relies on supporters like you to keep the experiment going. We value all of our supporters, big or small, and would love to talk with you about how you can be a part of our platform. All donations are tax deductible, fund independent artists and technologists, and help facilitate groundbreaking innovation across all interests and industries. Reach out. We’re ready to talk to you.

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Position with Progress


The 9to5 team is incredibly excited to share our second iteration with you. The concept has evolved significantly from our first weeklong exhibition in early 2016, which, like most early projects, relied heavily on those friends willing to pick up a broom or a camera or a paintbrush. Today, with the help of FIELD EXPERIMENT and our sponsors, we have built a fully realized platform for artists and technologists who, just like us, want to make projects that invent new ways of making, collaborating, and teaching. We’re excited to lend the hands we can... just as our friends did for us. See you in September.

/ Pablo Gnecco

studiostudio.nyc Experiential Artist and Motion Designer living and working in NYC, member of The New Museum’s Art and Tech Incubator, NEWINC. Founder of Studio Studio, an immersive installation company exploring the intersection of participation, performance, and new technology to create experiences and interactive works of art.

/ Travis Broyles

verysandwich.com A copywriter and digital strategist for eight years, Broyles believes that the best communication, whether it’s for collaborators, communities, or clients, starts with common sense ethics and a southern fried desire to truly help one another. Once described as a “headline machine”, he’s praying for the day they start giving Oscars for livestreams. Or at least really good sandwiches.

/ Derek Bruno

derekbruno.com After an education in industrial design, Bruno moved about the United States cultivating his approach to the design + fabrication of furniture and sculpture based imagery. Currently residing in Seattle, his recent work intends to explore the cognitive visual experience.

/ Eric Rabinowitz

ericrabinowitz.com Web developer and creative coder based in Atlanta, who believes we must all nudge the Internet to be more open and share its feelings with us. Currently working on a digital platform to help artists manage their networks and get referred to collaboration or hiring opportunities.